Almost perfectly balanced vintage. Harvest started early, in September. Dry and warm autumn resulted in less Botrytis, the year was ideal for dry selections


One of the driest and warmest years lately. There were hardly any Botrytis this year, at the end of the ripening season the weather was really dry, therefore the acidity levels of the wines have dropped before harvest. It resulted in less full bodied but more elegant wines.


One of the best vintages with good weather conditions throughout the ripening season. Ideal harvest for both dry and Botrytised grapes.


2014 required special skills in the vineyards due to the larger amount of rain during the growing season. It was crucial to choose the time of the harvest. We focussed on berry selection within bunches already in the vineyards during harvest therefore less but good quality


One of the best vintages recently for dry wines. High temperature and lack of rain especially on the southern part of the region. Therefore there were hardly any Botrytis development. One of the earliest harvest in recent years. The harvest was ideal for dry wines.


In 2016, we experienced higher than average precipitation and cooler weather during the ripening period. Botrytis started developing early, in August, therefore we took special care for bunch selection 2016 for dry wines. Dry wines show lighter alcohol, fresh acidity and elegance.


After the very warm summer, Botrytis arrived early, therefore we applied careful bunch selection for our dry wines. The residual sugar is slightly lower than in the previous vintages so the wines became even more elegant.


Extremely hot and dry vintage. Early budding, hot summer and low amount of precipitation resulted early harvest. The healthy, perfectly ripe bunches made well-balanced dry wines. There were hardly any Botrytis therefor we produced our sweet wines from shrivelled berries. The aromas of these wines are driven by tropical fruits and honey.


The average temperature of the 2019 year was one of the highest ever recorded in the region. The hectic precipitation resulted difficulties for viticulture however we successfully harvested high quality fruit for our dry wines. October was cooler and fine Botrytis developed. For the late harvest wines we were able to harvest grapes rich in sugar and acidity. Despite the extreme climatic conditions the wines of this vintage show rich and well-balanced style with great structure.

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