Újra rendezünk borkóstolót!

PÜNKÜSDI BORKÓSTOLÓ ÉS PIKNIK! Gyalogtúra piknikkel és borkóstolóval Terroir ételkülönlegességek (Fűszeres zsír, Csirkemáj parfé, Lilahagyma lekvár) Füstölt sonka Zempléni sajtok Kolbász Zöldségek Pékáru Ásványvíz Borok: Első Mádi Sárgamuskotály 60ml MAD Wine Mád Furmint 2019 száraz 60ml MAD Wine Nyúlászó Hárslevelű-Furmint 2018 / 2019 száraz 60ml MAD Wine Mád Hárslevelű 2021 félszáraz 60ml MAD Wine Mád Késői szüret 2019 édes […]

The highest points of the International Wine and Spirit Competition

What are the reasons of Mad Late harvest reaching the highest points of one of the most important international wine competitions, and receiving the Trophy Award given to the very bests only by the committee of five Masters of Wines? In the past decades international trends moved towards dry wine consumption however in the last years interest in sweet wines are also raising. The golden age of sweet wines arose in those centuries when the storable, high sugar containing foods and drinks represented high value. The recognition of healing effect of Botrytized wines resulted the practice of selling these products in pharmacies. These wines contained natural antibiotics therefore they were consumed not simply for enjoyment but also for medical purposes.

Mad Late Harvest awarded by IWSC Trophy

Mad Late Harvest 2017 has been chosen as the best sweet wine of the world. Mad Late harvest received the highest points of all awarded wines of International Wine and Spirit Competition 2020. This wine received 97 points alone from all sweet wines of the contest. The best wines awarded by TROPHY by the international jury of the competition with over half a century history. The Trophy Award was signed by the five Masters of Wines of the IWSC Committee. We know what we are going to put onto our Christmas table this year.


hectares of grapes
hectare integration

„It was a long way to get there. This can seem unreal but the grape and wine was not part of my life until the 54th year of my life.Now close to 64 I proudly assume that these two things became a determinative part of my life. If you would like to know why I say that I suggest to visit Mád. You can not find a place anywhere where tradition and the 21st century walks hand in hand like there. We should know that we can not treat the 21st century like the previous ones. Try to live the future not the past!”



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